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 in response to Katiedid...   

Hi katiedid

As you see , I am replying a long time after you posted. I haven't been here for a while. I will try and see what is wrong with the link . Maybe there is still a chance that it will help you or someone else.

Thank you



note : I tried the link today , June 3 , 2010 and it works . I hope you try again if you haven't recieved help yet.

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 in response to soulight...   

The link doesn't work.

Thank you

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daddys girl

Hi, my name is melodie leffall I am 45 years of age. I currently live in a drug  free housing program at Volunteers of America. As I am successfully making progress in treatment it is my goal to begin my job search program as soon as possible. While doing so it will be a giant self esteem boost to have my dental work complete at that time. I currently have no upper teeth. I have no Insurance or Income of any kind.  Will you please consider this letter as an application for assistance in this matter.  Thank you for your Consideration willl be appreciated.  Melodie Leffall

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Sorry I do not know of any free option for implants but I do know where you can get significant savings, as much as 25%-80%! Try this site . You will find dentists that will give you savings after you become a member. You could even get more savings based on your situation if you talk to a participating dentist. The ball's in your court. Go ahead and talk to some dentists.
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Hi...I like so many of us obviously am in serious need of dental aid. I am just turned 40, I have 3 great kids, and a survivor of breast cancer(2003) domestic abuse...(x3relationships) as well as a resulting drug addiction which I am still struggling daily to overcome. I have lost my entire life's belongings since losing my home, and my disabilty in 2007. I have to honestly say that because of my self image...I contemplate suicide at least once every single day. I have avoided/cut off almost all relationships because I get anxiety so bad because of my appearance that I letrally get sick to my stomach. I am chronically homeless for almost 2 1/2 yrs now, I am depressed and have many physical problems I feel are related to my teeth. I am trying to kick a drug addiction, but, at times it seems pointless and I struggle with it constantly. I feel ugly, unlovable, undesirable, useless, dirty and I can't live this way anymore. Can someone PLEASE HELP ME??? I really need this to get my life back!! I will do ANYTHING necassary to pay back for the treatment. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE


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To lose

 Hello to anyone that can please help me to get my self esteem back I need some type of help getting my denture unable to pay due to low income,I'm willing to work out some type of payment plan if I have too, but if you or someone you know please help me, I work out in the field and it hurt me not to smile and on the other hand it hurt me to smile.

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u can contact to well known dental impalnt surgoen


he is working as lecturer in private dental college and hospital nahsik, maharashtra india


i doing lots of implants for oral rehabilitation


take care 

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Dear Lorelei,


                I searched the internet for months looking for someone who could help me get dentures, I tried every search possible with so many key words , then there you were looking right at  me. I then realized I was looking in all the wrong places, I changed my perspective and that led me to your forum.  The  stories of your members resonated so much with my discomfort and feelings.  I always tried to take good care of my teeth with dentist appointments at least once a year.  Then about 15 years ago I lost the good jobs that allowed me dental insurance.  I am an alcoholic and have been sober for 6 years.  Unfortunately when I stopped drinking I became a sugar aholic and changed from southern comfort to ice cream.  Since I made the great big mistake of going to bed without brushing my teeth they  started to deteriate rapidly.  I also have acid reflux disease and suffer extreme pain in my esophagus every night,  I take some medication for it but can’t take it all the time because it is very expensive,  for years I vomited at night and my doctor told me the acid from my stomach was eroding my front teeth away.  They get smaller every month and my front teeth are now just stumps, and when I try to force a smile it looks like I have no teeth in the upper front of my teeth.  Now I don’t even want to smile because I know it looks so bad, is very bad for myself esteem and am depressed about it, when people tell me , why don’t you smile, I am embarrassed and shamed about my appearance.  I went to the county dentist last week because I can no longer can stand the pain of my front 6 teeth, and he told me he could only pull one at a time.  They took exrays of my front teeth and told me he found a fracture along the roots of my 2 front teeth and that they were dead, he said that this fracture could have happen a long time ago and only now it is causing me pain and discomfort, and that my only option is to pull them he said a root canal or even if I had the money to pay for caps, they would have nothing to anchor them properly.  This was very depressing for me,  because I felt my appearance would be totally shot.   He gave me anti-bionics and told me my county dental insurance just covers extractions.  My dentist estimated is would cost thousands of dollars to keep my teeth.  My only option to feel good about myself and my smile is dentures,  but how would I even pay for those? Because I have been without work for almost a year and don’t even have the funds to survive day to day.   From what I have found online dentures would have a base cost of $700 dollars plus any additional costs on follow up appointments and extractions.  


Nancy if you have any suggestions for me would be greatly appreciated.  I live in Flagstaff Arizona and have done research of dentists here in town and there are none with no programs for people looking for free dentures.  There are free programs , but only for children.  Pain is definitely an issue at this point.  I take Tylenol and aleve, but cannot even chew regular food without extreme pain.  My teeth are now lose and my gums bleed when I brush.


Thank you very much for providing this forum and all your readers/writers,  I almost feel better just sharing my story with you , and getting it off my chest.  I feel if there is some way to get dentures and treatment I have found the right place to ask for help.  God bless you.  My email is and my number is (928)-0327





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please help rebecca

Hello I need dental dentures so bad i can afford to pay at least 150a month tourds a dental plan my credit is not great at all but i am willing to change that with someone who will trust me i am having great diffculty with pain and havent smiled in over a year please there's got to be a dentist in south carolina with compassion who will help me i will be forever greatful and pay my bill off please contact me at or welcome to call me at 843-424-9489 please leave message should i not be available .i hope to heqar from someone soon God Bless  need teeth for better self&health...

Talk to please help rebecca

I have had some really devastating illnesses with my heart, and many more things. Including, deciding that my broken teeth, etc need to be removed due to causing an infection throughout my entire body. We were not able to afford to get my dentures at that time. My husband left me shortly after that and began livint with another woman. They have since had a child together while we are still married. He has been gone since June, 2006, and has not assisted me with any of my financial or medical needs. He has now filed for divorce. I am barely making it on my disability check alone. And I really need to get some dentures or implants. I have a problem with my bones under my gums being uneven, and sometimes when I am eating even soft foods my lower jawbone will jab into my upper gums like biting my tongue. It sometimes even will draw some blood.

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Gary P

I know a dentist who advertises 50% off implants and once or twice he had done a free implants ad.  I live in Langhorne, PA.  I think he has an office in the area and I think his name is Dr. Arpan Patel.  Check him out.....It may help

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Did you ever get any responses or help for free dentures or implants?  What a real scum-bag for doing the divorce on the same day of your dad's death!!  Hopefully you can take satisfaction that one day someone will hurt HIM as bad as he hurt you when you needed him the most.

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I am praying you find the help you need.

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chele 1

help me

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I am looking desparately for help getting my dental work paid for or even someone to look at my mouth. I am a five year survivor of three different kinds of breast cancer. I have been through 200 plus chemo tharapy treatments and am still recieving chemo every three weeks. I never lost my hair believe it or not but my teeth are rotting out of my head. I am in and out of the emregency room almost monthly, only to recieve a bout of anntibiotics only to return again, I have no dental but my medical insurance of course will pay for this over and over and over, but not a one time fix, to remove what little pieces of teerth I have and some dentures, this is so trying on someone who has struggled to fight this aweful cancer only to be stricken down with abceses and pain and I cannot even chew my food up properly which on ocasssion I choke. I only have my soccial security for income and live month to month. Is there any help for me?    Bonnie Buchli Frederic,WI
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God Bless

Talk to wan

Lorelei--If your disabled, (certified) there are dentists in every state that will donate their office and time etc. for free dentistry and dentures. The NFDH (national foundation of dentistry for handicapped), it called Donated Dental Service. I think this is their internet contact. If that address isn't right just type in NFDH or national foundation of dentistry for handicapped into Google and that will give you the right information. They even have a registry form that you can print out . It's 5 pages long but get it printed and filled out and send it in as soon as possible.  They will contact you and set up an appointment for you.  Good luck.

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 in response to Rosie327...   

Dear Rosie 327, I read your comment to Lorelei and you said how you could save  her up to 80% on dental or denture care. I am very interested in that because the denturest I'm going to sure isn't giving me any discount, just a payment plan. I would also be interested in  the work from home thing. Do you make any money at it? Please let me know about this ASAP. Thanks Rosie327---sincerely sheshe030--you can also contact me at

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 in response to charm4213...   

Check out my website,

to see how you can save up to 80% on dental and medical care, and/or work from home helping others save on healthcare.  Let me know if you have any questions about our discount plans or our opportunity - I'm here to help!  Best wishes, Rosie

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i need denture and cant aford them,can u help me,im in kentucky?

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